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Populus spp. With several different species native to North America, the poplars are fast-growing trees, often referred to by landscapers as “weed trees” found throughout the temperate regions of North America. The poplar trees are an important group of lumber trees, however its light, flexible, slightly porous wood and quick ...
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Yule is a word of Germanic origin that refers to a holiday celebrated at and around the winter solstice from which many Christmas traditions were taken. The term Yule is now often used as a synonym to Christmas and other festivals celebrated around the same time today. See also Midwinter. The word ...
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A diamond is a very hard, clear stone popular for jewelry and also used for industrial purposes. A diamond may be colorless but often have a yellowish, brownish, pinkish or bluish tint. About one-third of diamonds glow blue (or less often another color) when exposed to ultraviolet light. The word ...
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