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Anubis is the Egyptian God of the dead and the embalming process. He presided over the embalming of Osiris when he was killed by Seth. Priests would sometimes wear masks of Anubis when performing embalming rituals. He is associated with the jackal and often imaged with a jackal's head. Learn More Online Check ...
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Aquilaria spp. or Gyrinops spp. Aloeswood or aloes wood is not the most common name of this type of tree, but it is the common name of the incense that it produces. You will find this incense mentioned in many religious and magical texts as aloeswood, aloes, lignan aloe, and ...
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Celebrated on December 24 or the eve of the Winter Solstice Also known as Mutternacht, Modranect, Night of the Mothers, Mothers' Night Mōdraniht was a Saxon and Anglo Saxon festival that took place on the eve of Yule. No details of the original festival survive though it was mentioned by the 8th-century ...
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Midwinter Day is a modern Pagan holiday that takes place at the time of the Winter Solstice. Some modern Pagans use the term Midwinter as a general term for the holiday, encompassing traditional celebrations from a variety of mostly European cultures either to identify their own eclectic celebrations or to ...
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Viscum album (European) OR Phoradendron Leucarpum (American) Zones 6-11 Mistletoe is a parasite that grows on larger plants, usually hardwood trees, its roots drawing nutrients from the sap of the host plant. It has lanceate green leaves and a short stem with many forks and can form a large, bushy clump hanging from ...
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Onyx is a type of chalcedony formed in parallel bands. These bands can be just about any color except purple or blue, but the most well-known forms of onyx have bands of black and/or white. Sardonyx is a type of onyx formed of bands of various shades of red (sard) and white. Most ...
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